GladdMD Autumn Optimal Health Reset

Price: $99.00



If you are looking to enhance your health and continue your pursuit to wellness and longevity, this reset will help you get there! Join us for this fall challenge and we will support you with getting back on track with creating sustainable lifestyle change and new habits that promote health! Registration ends Sunday September 27th 

GladdMD Autumn Optimal Health Reset $99

This is a 30 day nutrition reset program led by a certified GladdMD healthcoach and overseen by a GladdMD physician. The program will include a 30 day whole food challenge. A personal health coach will provide support and guidance through this entire journey including check-ins, meal planning guidance, supplement guidance, and other personalized recommendations.

When: Reset begins on Monday September 28th 

Registration now through Sunday September 27th


● GladdMD Journey health coaching membership (30 days)

● 30 day whole food challenge (paleo) including 30 day meal plan

● Virtual group meetings - Group initial and half way check in

● Support, guidance, and accountability via health app

● Unlimited messaging and communication with your coach

● 10% discount on supplement purchases


Results to expect during 30 day whole food challenge:
● Weight loss
● Improved digestion
● Increased energy
● Improved mood
● Reduced inflammation
● Elimination of sugar cravings
● Sustainable healthy nutrition habits