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  • Griffin’s Story

    In February of 2009 Griffin (8 years old) got sick with what seemed to be a sinus infection, which we thought made sense because it happened only 3 days after geting an expander and braces put on. After being down all weekend we went to the doctor on Monday and got some medicine. Tuesday morning when he got up he couldn't even hardly walk. We went back to the doctor and they did tons of blood work and we were told he had Post Viral Reactive Myosites. For the next 6 weeks we were at the doctor's office once or twice a week. Each time more bloodwork to check something else. He was very tired during this time and was taking long naps every day. He just wasn't himself. Week 6 we noticed he was having some breathing issues. We saw a Pediatric Pulmonary doctor. She told us she thought he had asthma. So we put him on medication for that. We went back every 3 months for a year. We decided it wasn't making a difference at all so we went off the medication for that. In the meantime of that year we went to Riley and they could see the things with his muscles being tight but couldn't explain it. They put him in physical therapy for 3 months. Onced again we didn't notice a change. By this time we had learned to start living different. We watched his activity because we didn't want him to make himself too tired. It was sad to watch him play baseball because he could run and do great the first 2 innings but after that he moved at a snail's pace. He would have times that were worse than others but we adapted our lives to him. In August 2012 he came in from outside and asked me "Mom when am I going to be a normal kid again?" Hearing this broke my heart. I asked what he meant. He said I can't even ride my bike in the woods with the boys. After I peddle 2 times around, my legs are too tired to go anymore. I called and got him an appointment that was set to be in 2 weeks from then. In that time we had a family vaction set to visit Washington D.C. While we were there we were unable to see all the sights we would have liked to because we ended up having to push him in a wheelchair for part of the day. This was even after all the precautions we had taken out of concern for him with this trip of walking. As an 8 year old he began sleeping with a tube of Bengay by his bed and an extra tube always on hand with us along with motrin for the pain. At this doctor's appointment we started a new wave of doctor's appointments. We saw an Orthopaedic doctor and a neurologist at Riley. With all of these appointments came tons more bloodwork, genetic testing, 5 MRIs, and an EMG. The neurologist at Riley told us to put him in counseling because it was in his head. That was hard to hear as a parent. We could physically see that he wasn't okay at times yet this doctor is telling us it was in his head. A week after hearing that, we had not decided what our next step was going to be but knew we weren't quitting this time until we had answers. Then about a week later out of the blue an old friend called and asked how he was doing. I had told her not well and she suggested I call Dr. Gladd. I called and made an appointment right away. The day of the appointment he was very understanding and assured us that is wasn't in his head. He put him on a gulten and dairy free diet. Within 1 week Griffin could already tell a difference. After 3 weeks on the diet he has never had leg pain again. It was a long 4 years for us all. We just thank God for the suggestion to see Dr. Gladd. He has changed our son's life. Just a few weeks ago he came in the house and said "Mom I just ran the fastest I have ran since I was sick. That isn't the best part though...I have been running for a half hour and I am not even tired!" Thank you Dr. Gladd!

  • Jordan’s Story

    Hi Karen, I was a patient of yours awhile back and just wanted to give you an appreciation email. When I came in, I had a lot of problems that other doctors had blown off as anxiety and nothing was wrong. I now am almost completely symptom-free from all of my problems which consisted of breathing issues, digestive issues, heart issues, anxiety-like issues, and numbness in the peripherals during the night when I'd lay down. All this went away because of a gluten-free diet and I wouldn't have had the release of discomfort and torcher if it wasn't for NP's and doctors like you all who realized that there is more to healing than a pill. The first time I came in to visit you, I couldn't exercise because of the asthma (breathing issues even at rest) and without any pill, just a gluten-free diet (no wheat, rye, or barley) I have made a 180 degree turn and I'm back on my feet running. I am finishing up my final year in my undergrad at Ball State in Exercise Science with a minor in physiology and am planning on applying to St. Francis for the PA program. I am a believer in the diet being a huge part of why some of our health problems are prevelant and I want to, like you, at least be able to educate people. At a time in my life where my health had made me feel hopeless, you guys went against the "medical fad" and over a 2 year period allowed my body to heal itself. Yes, it was long, but being back to my normal self and without medication was so worth it. I hope you guys continue on with your methods because I know that they work! Sincerely Grateful for your applied knowledge, Jordan Culver

  • Leanne’s Story

    I just want to thank Dr. Gladd. I went to him last Sept./Oct., did blood work and have followed his recommendations. I HAVE LOST 46.2 pounds since then and feel wonderful.

  • Anna’s Story

    It all began suddenly in the fall. After three rounds of antibiotics to treat a severe respiratory illness, I could no longer eat without becoming horribly ill. In the coming year I saw ten different doctors and underwent every major test (including surgery) to try and locate a cause for my discomfort and pain. By the following fall, I had lost over 30 lbs. and was no closer to learning a cause than I had been the year before. I lived in fear every day - hardly leaving my home or couch. What was causing my symptoms? Was I really sick or was it all in my head? I decided to try a gluten-free diet out of desperation. While the diet had an incredibly positive impact on my discomfort, I was still not well. I attended an open house for Dr. Gladd simply hoping to gain more information about gluten-free living. However, after talking briefly with him, I felt so encouraged by his insights that I scheduled an appointment with him. I have been working with Dr. Gladd for 5 months now, and the impact that his treatment has had on my health has been monumental. He explained to me what was going on in my body and why I was having the symptoms I did. For the first time in over a year, I understood the cause of my illness. Today, I can eat throughout the day with no pain or discomfort! On the rare occasion when I have a reaction, I am no longer afraid because I know what the cause is and I know how to deal with it! Dr. Gladd has given me hope for my future; a hope that through eating whole foods and avoiding certain allergens, I can get well! Thank you Dr. Gladd for taking such interest in this field and for shedding light on such an important part of our daily lives: our nutrition.

  • Greg’s Story

    Walking into GladdMD’s office was a bit disorientating. Rather than the usual carpeted lobby with sterile office furniture, I was greeted by a liquid-sheen black concrete floor that caused me to jump back because I thought it was freshly mopped, and classy, contemporary furniture. Instead of a low counter staffed by an overweight nurse/receptionist in a over-laundered smock, the reception area had all the feel of a quality hotel with friendly, attractive hostesses. I’m a busy man, hence I was not looking forward to be kept waiting for the doctor. To me an appointment time is a contract meant to be kept. To my further surprise, Dr. Gladd himself – not a harried nurse – strode up to me at precisely the minute of my appointment. I was so stunned I shook his hand while rooted in my chair. After the greeting, we convened in Dr. Gladd’s office, a doctor’s office like none I’d ever seen. No examining table. No box for sharps. No cabinets for storing terrifying devices. No box of rubber gloves. Just an IKEA desk and credenza, a small filing cabinet, two contemporary chairs, and an Apple computer with an impressive monitor. For the next 45 minutes I learned more about my health and how nutrition affects it than from any doctor in my 35 adult years. Blood test data replaced knee taps, ear searches, and tongue depressants. And did I mention, no rubber gloves! This was the most enlightening and empowering appointment with a health professional I’ve ever had. It is so enlightening and invigorating to understand what my core health issues are – as opposed to labeling (and treating) symptoms – and what my body needs to heal itself… GladdMD did that for me!

  • KyeLeigh’s Story

    When you see yourself deteriorating before your own eyes due to unexplainable medical symptoms you are at a loss of what to do. I had been injured in a bizarre ulnar nerve accident. With that injury came a barrage of unexplainable symptoms that no physician could understand or explain. My parents and I spent hours and hours using “Dr. Google”, consulting all of the area’s best experts, and making many trips to the emergency room all in an effort to explain why I had symptoms that caused uncontrollable shaking and palsy in my arms and legs, an accelerated heart rate, vomiting, headache, dramatic weight loss, a bloated stomach, severe rashes and cracked lips. I looked like a walking medical paper of rare and unexplainable diseases! I even suggested that we contact Mystery Diagnosis! I had 147 medical claims after the first year of my injury and unexplainable medical symptoms. The second year was just like the first. I was already at 95 medical claims and counting before my nerve injury physician said to us….”Well, I have heard of this doctor that is in Fort Wayne and I have heard that he is about holistic medicine. I don’t know him but I think he would be worth a try as I have heard some good things about him helping people that can’t find answers”. Since I had been to Indianapolis, Michigan, several neurologists, countless emergency room visits, and every specialist that any of them could think of…my parents and I were hopeful that maybe he was the one that could help us. When I met Dr. Gladd my first thought was…this is going to be different. This physician actually sat down and listened to an overview of what I had been experiencing. He looked at me and said, “Okay…Let’s start with your birth!” He was the first physician to listen to me without a "you might be a faker" look in his eye. Dr. Gladd actually went through each year of my life, listened, took notes, and was genuinely interested in ALL of the details and not a simple glossing over. After going through my complete medical history, Dr. Gladd said that he believed that he knew what the symptoms were from. I was so relieved to have someone actually tell myself and my parents that he really thought he understood the complexity of the situation and that he actually had a hunch about what I was experiencing. And so he proceeded to tell us about gluten intolerance and celiac’s disease, a diagnosis we had never heard. I was happy though, there was a reason! He proceeded to explain how the traumatic injury that my body had experienced could have likely heightened this problem in my system. And so he requested another blood test. However, this time he ran it for the right reasons. When we returned for the results I was told that I did indeed have an issue with gluten intolerance and celiac’s disease. He explained that while it may be tough to give up gluten that doing so would make an amazing difference in my health. And so, the day before Thanksgiving 2009 I went gluten free. Sounds crazy but I was willing to do anything to get better. I have had some pauses along the way from accidental contamination which brought symptoms back (and confirmed in my mind he was right) but nothing like the two years of medical terror I had experienced. For the record, I NEVER “cheat” or compromise on gluten free knowing that even just a little bit will make me ill. Dr. Gladd also recommended a physical therapist that could help with getting me more relief from my nerve injury by using myofascial release, something, no other physical therapist had tried. And amazingly it worked. Dr. Gladd was able to take a girl like me that was diminishing before everyone’s eyes and turn me into someone that was on the road to recovery. This past November I went back for my two-year checkup. And believe it or not…the last two years I have had ZERO claims on insurance due to my illness and I am on NO medication. Once gluten was eliminated from my diet all of my bizarre symptoms simply disappeared. I was a completely different person. And to think that before we met Dr. Gladd we had physicians that wanted to: put me on anti-seizure medication, morphine, have me physiologically tested, put me on an anti-depressant, go through a spinal tap, tell me they think I have some rare disorder that they can’t identify, or just have me live with it. I wrote this to tell others that you do not have to “just live with it”. I share my story knowing that while you may not have something as extreme as what I experienced, sit down and talk to Dr. Gladd. You will be amazed when you do.