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Are you ready to take a deep dive into your health and discover what your true numbers are; where you should be and how to get there?  After going through his second personal health transformation, Dr. Gladd has designed a program to help you reach your mental and physical potential.  In a small group setting, Dr. Gladd will help you analyze deep and meaningful areas of your health and guide you toward a plan for reaching your goal. This program is designed to weed out convential wisdom and dial in to the true path toward optimal health. 

When: Tuesday, April 15th 5:00-6:30 PM

Where: GladdMD Integrative Medicine 4930 Illinois Road, Suite C1 Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Cost: $400

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BOD POD Analysis:  Your bathroom scale doesn't cut it.  It may tell you how much you weigh, but what percentage of those pounds are fat?  What's important is your body composition.  The best way to get these numbers is to take a trip to the BOD POD.  GladdMD has partnered with Huntington University to use the same technology for body fat analysis as the NFL. The BOD POD is designed to be easy, fast, and accurate. The cost of the BOD BOD analysis is included in the cost of the program, and one of our META coaches will help coordinate your visit.

Lab Testing:  Dr. Gladd will teach you the meaning behind the data, how it correlates to health and how you can achieve and maintain optimal levels.  META Program participants will receive a dashboard packet for mapping out their results and assessing how their health stacks up.

Prior to your META seminar, we will provide you with a comprehensive lab order.  This order can be taken to any lab and run through your insurance. We realize that high deductibles and HSA can make this an expensive endeavor. We searched far and wide to find a more convenient and affordable option for our members and have recently partnered with Principal Lab to offer a cash option.   The cost of your lab results is included in the $400 cost of the program (Meta Program is $200 for those using their insurance). 
No guessing or wondering what your insurance company will cover. No surprise bills in the mail.  Simply take your lab order to your nearest Lab Corp location and enjoy a quick, hassle-free experience. We'll even show you how to schedule your Lab Corp appointment so you won't have to wait in line.

90-Minute Educational Session with Dr. Gladd:  Dr. Gladd will lead a 90-minute seminar on the data gathered from the BOD POD and lab results giving you the tools you need to plan your journey.  In this session, Dr. Gladd will teach you how to read your health assessment,  how to tie the results to health goals and how to optimize your numbers.  He will share with you his own personal experience using the BOD POD, changing his diet and ultimately achieving his personal goal of fat loss, increased lean muscle mass and renewed energy. META attendees are then encouraged to plan out regular intervals of testing and review at their desired pace.

*After you register for the META Program, one of our META coaches will contact you to discuss the details of the program and help you get started.  If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs page or email Erica at

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