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Can Foods Contribute to Infertility?

There is a wealth of data on the connection between miscarriage and celiac disease. Studies estimate a 9-fold increase risk of miscarriage in undiagnosed celiac disease and a 30% decrease in birthweight. There are also connections to male infertility.

This begs the question: How many reproductive specialists are testing their clients for celiac disease? A full 1 in 100 people in America suffer from it. In addition, the incidence of celiac disease in the form of gluten sensitivity, which can result in the same manifestations as celiac disease may be as high as 30-50% of the population.

Today we have completely medicalized getting pregnant and too often running to pay cash for "making babies". All too often, a person has in vitro or another type of procedure, only to get pregnant naturally afterward. So before you or a family member make the jump to a specialist for fertility issues, optimize your health and the health of your partner first. Eat whole foods, exercise, relax, pray, and consider being tested for celiac disease or even do something as side effect-free as a gluten-free diet for a month to see if it improves symptoms.

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