New nutrition labels?

The Institute for Medicine proposes new labels on food. New labels "should highlight only four things: calories, saturated fat, trans fat and sodium, the report says".

I think this is good step, but I would make some additional recommendations to food labelling:

- eliminate the loophole that allows the industry to claim a food is trans fat free while still having trans fat (as long as they have less than a certain amount per serving)

- list grams of fiber

-regular serving sizes to some standard and actually list both per serving and per box/bottle/package numbers. everyone drinks the whole bottle anyway, the ought to know what they are getting without doing math

-put any sweetener whatsoever in bold type

Nutrition Rating Systems Should Keep it Simple, Stupid

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Dr. Jeffrey Gladd


Dr. Jeffrey Gladd graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine in 2001. He then went on to train in family medicine...

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Dr. Jeffrey Gladd
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