Table Talk - September 6

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GladdMD News:

New Favorite Snack is Here! Amrap Refuel Bars
New Event: New Session! Nourishing Your School-Age Children
New Blogs:  Where's the Beef? Getting the Fat You Need

Research and News:

1. Dairy and Bones. For years I toed the integrative medicine "party line" about dairy, telling people that it weakens bones. The truth is the data says the opposite and is in support of its consumption in those that can tolerate it. Oh yeah, and studies show the whole acid-alkaline is bunk as well. Long live my raw milk!

2. Grains on the Brain. Researchers at the prestigious Mayo Clinic recently published a report showing that a lower carb, higher fat diet is associated with a 42% risk reduction for dementia, the most common form being Alzheimer’s.

3. A Fat Loss Template.  Forget mainstream advice. It's meant to help you lose weight...temporarily. This template is a great place to start if your goal is to achieve sustainable fat loss. 

4.  Why Smokers Gain Weight When They Quit Smoking.  The bacterial strains that also prevail in the intestinal flora of obese persons take the upper hand in people giving up smoking.  Another great reason to heal your gut and avoid this habit altogether.

What I listened to this week: 

1. Food Choices, Willpower & Sugar Cravings - Bulletproof Executive Podcast: Interesting discussion about the power of sugar and ways to harness your willpower to say goodbye to sweets and hello to health.

2. The Paleo Solution Podcast - Episode 197: Great interview with Dr. Michael Ruscio discussing the focus of Functional Medicine with some great information on gut health. A lot of it resonated with me, as our approach to health, and a lot of the labs we do are very similar.  

Recipe of the Week

Brown Butter Salmon and Tomato Relish Served with Baked Sweet Potato and Grass-fed Butter

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