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  • Time to gear up for cold/flu season

    This is the time of year I am frequently asked what to do about cold and flu symptoms. It is a good time to dust off the evidence and discuss what are good strategies. Certainly the age old time and rest are ideal but not often practical. The foundation should not be any surprise.  Living a...

  • To screen or not to screen

    If you haven’t heard by now the United States Preventative Services Task Force released their most recent guidelines on prostate cancer screening. The verdict is a first: they recommend against routine screening for prostate cancer in men who don’t have symptoms. The USPSTF has been...

  • How I read a food label

    I was thinking about food labels recently as I scanned yet another new food product at the grocery store. It's become something of a hobby. "Oh, second ingredient evaporated cane juice (AKA sugar) and then at the end 'natural' (my quotation marks) flavors." The verdict: processed food....