Fast food chains have higher standards than your child's school!

The USA Today published an investigative report showing that the beef and chicken served to millions of our kids has up to 10 times the standards of fast food chains. It also reports the use of "spent hens" in school lunches, something fast food chains and Campbell's Soup won't even use, and often reserved for pet food.

What you can do:
- Pack your child's lunch every day. Explain to them why this is important. Review this report with them. Don't put them at risk to be the next victim of food-borne illness during the next major beef recall.
- Demand your school system provide healthier lunches for your children. Rally parents and push for school gardens, sources of more local foods, healthier snacks that come from foods that were actually alive at one point (meaning fruits and vegetables, and not the gluten-laden junk foods like pretzels and crackers so often touted as "healthier alternatives").
- The same stuff being served to your kids at school is often what is at the grocery store. Seek out safer, more sustainable sources of animal products. Look for local farms raising cow on grass and chickens without small, overcrowded containers.

USA Today Report

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