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  • Do you know where your fish oil comes from?

    Article: A Fish Oil Story Great opinion piece on how the industrialization of harvesting fish oil has drastic consequences on the Atlantic ocean. One more reason to aim for higher quality fish oil from reputable sources. Being certain your fish oil is free of PCBs and mercury is essential, and I...

  • The facts about bottled water

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  • Soy protective for cancer survivors

    A new study in JAMA shows that breast cancer survivors who consume the most whole soy foods had a lower risk of recurrence of their cancer than those eating lower amounts. 5000 women breast cancer survivors were evaluated for their soy consumption and followed for four years. 7.4 % of those...

  • Fast food chains have higher standards than your child’s school!

    The USA Today published an investigative report showing that the beef and chicken served to millions of our kids has up to 10 times the standards of fast food chains. It also reports the use of "spent hens" in school lunches, something fast food chains and Campbell's Soup won't even use,...

  • Protecting our girls from cancer

    "...the risk that a 50-year-old white woman will develop breast cancer has soared to 12 percent today, from 1 percent in 1975. (Some of that is probably a result of better detection.) Younger people also seem to be developing breast cancer: This year a 10-year-old in California, Hannah, is...