Lunch Menu September 2013

Patients often ask what I eat. I am happy to rundown my last several days nutrition for them. Lunch is a tough one for lots of folks, especially ones that are at work. I had a request to blog about some lunch ideas, here's this week's menu:

     - 3 slices of 7sons bacon the rest of which my kids ate for breakfast, minced by hand into small pieces and put into a glass Pyrex bowl
     - 3 large free range eggs, cracked into same Pyrex bowl
     - See here for cooking instructions
     - 3 tablespoons Trader Joes salsa
     - small bowl of leftover tuna salad with Trader Joes tuna, garden-fresh peppers and olive oil

     - Leftover Pyrex bowl of last night's Giant Stuffed Mushrooms with 1/2 avocado slices on top

     - See Tuesday
     - Bowl of 5-6 raw walnuts, 5-6 raw pecans, 5 organic raspberries covered in approximately 1/4 cup of canned coconut milk

     - See Monday minus the tuna salad
     - Mid-afternoon: Amrap bar


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