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  • The healthcare system still doesn’t “get it”

    I have been doing this for 5 years and have just about seen it all,  but this week I am COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED with stories of conventional medicine overtreating every symptom and abnormality with a prescription or a surgery. And the new healthcare system is going to allow more Americans access...

  • The most successful patients

    Our clients come to see us for a large variety of health concerns. The most common reasons are: Fatigue, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and anxiety/panic or depression. They have been in and out of the health care system over the years, been through lots of testing and are largely...

  • Fermented vegetables

    I am not exactly sure what took us so long to try to ferment our vegetables ourselves. Doing this is one way to ensure daily probiotic intake for you and your family. When in Seattle last month, we had pickled peppers that tasted amazing. Crunchy, lightly salty and fresh was a whole new...