Four Mistakes to Avoid When Eating a Low Carb Diet

Four Mistakes To Avoid When Eating A Low Carb Diet

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These days, there are many diets that mention carbohydrates as one of your waistline's mortal enemies. While it is not a great idea to consume endless amounts of carbs, it is important for one to learn how to strike the proper balance. When embarking on a low carb diet, make sure that you remember to avoid the following errors.

Mistake #1 - Eating Meat All Day

While eating meat is certainly a huge part of eating low carb, this does not mean that your entire diet must only consist of meat. The idea is to eat very little carbs - it is not necessary for you to eliminate the entire food group. While vegetables and fruits do contain carbs, you should look for those that are on the low end and integrate them into your eating plan.

Low carb vegetables that can be consumed regularly include cauliflower, zucchini and Swiss chard. Fruit choices that will keep you in the safe zone include apricots, red grapefruit and strawberries.

Mistake #2 - Giving Up Too Early

Once your body starts to consume far less carbs than it normally does, your weight will decrease accordingly. The average person who starts a low carb diet plan loses between six and 20 pounds during the first two weeks. After this, your body will adjust to the changes and the weight loss will not be as significant. When you arrive at this stage, make sure that you continue to follow the diet as you have been without becoming too discouraged.

Mistake #3 - Eating Too Little Fat

Since you are already eliminating a substantial part of your diet by eating low carb, you should try your best not to consume a scant amount of fat. Your goal is to lose weight, but it is important for you to consume a fair amount of healthy fats.

The best way to add more healthy fat into your diet would be to eat fatty fish, like tuna, avocado, olives and nuts. These are all great sources of fat that will not have a negative effect on the weight loss you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind that these are healthy fats, but you should still consume them in moderation.

Mistake #4 - Eating Processed Food

Ideally, you should not eat any processed foods when you are following a low carb diet. Since there are so many options out there available to people who are trying to reduce their intake, it can be as simple as heading to the grocery store and picking something up from the shelf. For example, many popular bread brands are now offering low carb versions of their baked delights. Your best bet would be to avoid these items and reach for things that are all natural, like fresh meats, vegetables and fruits.

It can be very tricky to follow a diet that is low in carbs if you are not sure of what to expect. As long as you avoid all of these mistakes while you are on your journey to better health, you will have much better results.

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