Table Talk - August 30

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GladdMD News:

New Testimonial: Jordan’s Story
New Event: New Session! Nourishing Your School-Age Children
New Blogs: My Weight (and then Fat) Loss Journey and Find Your Fuel: Where Are Your Calories Coming From?

Research and News:

1. “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza”.  Are the ingredients behind Papa John’s slogan really better or is it just a good marketing strategy? I don't think you will be surprised by the verdict. The path to anything on mass scale is frought with poor nourishment.

2. Antibiotics Do's and Don'ts: 60% of the time physicians prescribe antibiotics, they choose broad-spectrum ones, killing both the good and the bad bacteria. This will become an even bigger issue as we turn physician offices into assembly line medicine. The answer? Support your immune system with a great lifestyle and when ill, take it easy and ride it out.

3. Take two vegetables twice daily. How the prescription pad is changing as a response to our health crisis. This is refreshing.

4. Sugar, even at moderate levels, could be toxic to your health — or at least to your sex life. The mouse equivalent of just three sugary sodas a day had significant negative effects on life span and competition for mates.

5. The straight dope on cholesterol. Dr. Peter Attia, MD from NuSi and The Eating Academy has written the first 9 of 10 blog posts on cholesterol. This is more than 99% of cardiologists and health care provider know about the science. Time to start tracking my LDL particle number (LDL-P).

What I listened to this week: 

1. Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness Podcast, Episode 51. Great discussion with Jimmy Moore of Livin' La Vida Low Carb on his story of major weight loss and his search of the truth behind cholesterol and its role in our health. Is it worth even checking it?

Recipe of the Week

Hearty Beef and Spinach Frittata

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