Table Talk - September 13

Welcome to our regular post on what we're talking about, reading and listening to:

GladdMD News:

New Testimonial: Griffin's Story
Only a Few Spots Left! Register Today: New Session! Nourishing Your School-Age Children
New Blogs: The Integrative Answer: Alzheimer's Risk: Dr. Gladd addresses the integrative side of a patient's concern.

Research and News:

1. We Keep Checking the Wrong Stuff: Great article on the 5 markers that matter more than LDL cholesterol. 

2. Trimming the Fat? When did an oleogel made of cellulosic polymer, surfactant and oil become a reasonable substitution for trans fats? 

3. Paleo and Paychecks: Eating the way of the caveman doesn't have to mean forking over your children's college savings.  Here are a few practical tips for eating primal on a budget. 

4. Myths Surround Breakfast and Weight: Not a breakfast eater? Despite conventional wisdom, this may not be the Most Important Meal of the Day.

What I listened to this week: 

1. The Autoimmune Panel Discussion: A few heavyweights in the optimal nutrition meets auto-immune world come together for an enlightening panel discussion on MS, nerve health and other major topics. 

2. Starting the Day Right: Start this at the 4:06 mark to hear from some paleo foodies on what's for breakfast when eggs aren't.


Recipe of the Week

Veggies and Eggies

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