Table Talk - September 27

Welcome to our regular post on what we're talking about, reading and listening to:

GladdMD News:

New Blogs:
Tabata Sprints: Get started with my favorite cardio exercise. 4 minutes long!

This Week's Lunch Menu: Lots ask what I eat for lunch. Not a lot of magic here, leftovers or bacon/eggs. Mmmm.

Research and News:

1. The Gluten-Autism Connection: A study from Sweden shows a greater amount of anti-gliadin (the protein in gluten) antibodies in autistic kids. 

2. Private MD Labs: Looking to order your own lab work? Have no insurance or a high deductible. Order your own labs and have them drawn at a local lab. Patient, empower thyself!

3. What the Heck Should I Eat?: Some of the best practical advice for approaching diet with balance and priorities. Follow this and be well!

4. Lukas Tafur's microbiome blog. Interesting reads on what will soon become the biggest story in health and wellness, the gut microbiome. His base article is a good read.


What I listened to this week: 

1. The Godfather of Gluten: When I first started integrative practice, Dr. O'Bryan's webinar on gluten completely blew my mind. After seeing amazing result after amazing result, I'm a believer. Great podcast o the data to support the GladdMD nutritonal philosophy.

2. Finding the Diet That's Right for You: Just when you thought you knew everything. Dr. Attia talks about when to think about certain aspects of nutrition and how to find what's best for you and your goals.


Recipe of the Week

Sausage and Kale Soup and Sliced Avocado

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