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  • Food sensitivities? Don’t blame the food. Part 2

    The Gut-Immune Barrier The problem with food sensitivity is often less about the food causing a direct harm to the body and more about a protein within the food being reconized as a foreign invader and stimulating inflammation of the immune system. It's this inflammation that sits at the...

  • Food sensitivities? Don’t blame the food. Part 1

    There certainly is a lot of attention now given to food sensitivity. The awareness is increasing: Labels in the grocery store, menus at restaurants, lists of restrictions for kids in schools and daycare. The focus is mainly on the message that certain foods are irritating the body and driving lots...

  • Natural seasonal allergy relief

    I am going to start becoming more regular with the blog, I promise. I will write some new content, but also start linking some of my old stuff that currently lives at Discovery Health (the old PureHealthMD content). It's great stuff and I don't think it needs to be rewritten. Here are...