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  • Chorizo Butternut Squash Hash

    Such a simple recipe and a great way to spice up your morning meal. 

  • Sweet Plantain Guacamole

    Have you tried the plantain before? Now's your chance. It looks like a banana, but doesn't have as much sweetness to it.  This guacamole goes great on top of a burger, or as a dip for fresh veggies, or straight out of the bowl. 

  • Dill Butternut Squash Fries

    Fries are my greatest weakness, so if I can make them without feeling guilty or derailing my healthy eating streak, I'm all for it. So the key is getting creative with other vegetables and cooking methods.  

  • Chicken Bacon Rice Bowls

    One big pot of all things savory means full, and satisfied bellies and no major kitchen disaster to clean up afterwards. Comfort food at it's finest.

  • Pesto & Shallot Hasselback Grilled Sweet Potatoes

    Grilled (fill in the blank) is so much better than baked, fried, sauteed, (fill in the blank). If it can be grilled, grill it. That's how we feel. Once you try these grilled sweet potatoes, you'll want to brave the January frost just to cook up this yummy side dish.

  • Banh Mi Meatball Bowls

    Tons of vegetable, lots of good protein. It covers all the bases and you'll be glad you kept chopping! 

  • Apple Cinnamon Porridge

    Apples and cinnamon go so well together, especially on a sleepy morning when you're in a hurry but you want something satisfying for breakfast. This is ready in 10 minutes, grain-free and oh-so-delicious. It may just become your favorite part of waking up.

  • Baked Eggs in Portobello Mushroom Caps

    A quick and easy hearty breakfast.

  • Paleo Fish and Chips

    From time to time, a good 'ole fried somethin sounds good. Fish and chips are almost ALWAYS not on the good-eater's menu. So naturally, we had to find a cleaned up version. 

  • {Paleo} Flourless Chocolate Cake

    No you shouldn't eat this every day. Yes, you should have it once in awhile. It's rich, decadent and flourless. We like our slice topped with heavy whipping cream and fresh berries.