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  • Tuna and Bok Choy Packets

    This is a super simple and healthy dinner you can have on the table in less than an hour. Combine with a green salad or baked sweet potato and you're all set!

  • Breakfast Apple Hash

    The breakfast hash is one of our favorite ways to eat eggs. It's typically a combination of a lot of great flavors rolled into one. This recipe combines the sweetness of apples, the obvious amazing-ness of bacon and the heartiness of eggs. A perfect fall dish!

  • Pad Thai Salad

    Oh how I missed Pad Thai when I began to clean up my diet. This salad is a much "cleaner" version of traditional Pad Thai and it's ready in minutes. The perfect lunch!

  • Asian Style Beef Ribs

    This is a beautiful "set and forget" slow cooker dish that's quick to prepare in the morning for a busy weeknight dinner. If you don't have beef ribs, you can use short ribs or pork. 

  • Beef Sirloin with Herb Marinade

    A simple homemade marinade is an easy way to liven up a dish without the extra "bad stuff" in most store-bought dressings and marinades. The author of offers this advice as well:  "If you don’t have fresh herbs, you can always substitute dried; just remember to lower the...

  • Parsnip and Turnip Puree

    Who doesn't love mashed potatoes? Unfortunately, the carb load is pretty high. This "mash" is similar but so much better for you. It's a great quick side dish for any meal.

  • Beef and Butternut Stew with Pear and Thyme

    Nothing says winter like a nice big pot of stew. This one is super quick to prepare and perfect for that lazy Saturday cozied up by the fire.  

  • Magic Chili

    A beautiful twist on a classic wintery favorite. The ingredients in this recipe are so good for you and combined, they taste amazing together. This isn't the typical beans and tomato chili, but when you try it, you'll be glad you ventured out. Make a double batch and freeze for another...

  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic & Orange

    If you told me as a child that I would learn to adore Brussels sprouts, I would have laughed...and laughed and laughed some more. When you learn how to prepare this not-so-popular vegetable, it earns a new reputation. Now, it's the cool veggie. 

  • “Matambre” Rolled Flank Steak

    Literally meat and veggies rolled into one. "Matambre" means "to kill hunger". Take our word for it, this recipe lives up to its name.